A portfolio of M&A services.
Adding value every step of the way.

MOK Advisors provides strategic, financial and business advisory services to maximize value for buyers and sellers.



Sell-side M&A

Your choice to sell your business is rarely straightforward; we understand this firsthand. It’s why we take great care and consideration in setting you up for success.

Our process starts with a comprehensive analysis of your business to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives. Based on this data, we optimize your business, create a marketing plan and develop materials to approach potential buyers. In most engagements, we run a strategic investment banking process to generate competitive offers, pursuing only the most qualified buyers and guiding them through the bidding and buying processes.

Leveraging our track record, past successes and strong relationships, we guide you through every transaction stage– from strategic planning and marketing to negotiations, due diligence and closing–to achieve the best possible outcome.



Buy-side M&A

At MOK Advisors, we actively collaborate with individual investors, corporations, private equity and VC firms to identify businesses that meet their specific acquisition criteria. Drawing from our network and relationships, we facilitate a proprietary deal flow, meaning that our buy-side clients are presented with the best and often off-the-market acquisition targets.

Whether you are seeking an acquisition or already have a target in mind, we support you throughout the process, offering proactive advice and representation on strategic offers, terms, negotiations, transaction structure, due diligence and closing.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive Valuation Services.



Commercial Real Estate

In addition to our M&A service offerings, MOK Advisors provides a distinct commercial property sales platform. For our current sell-side M&A clients who own the real estate where their business is located, there is often a considerable financial benefit to conducting a separate transaction for the sale of the real estate. Whether the transaction involves selling the business and real estate or only the real estate, we have the expertise to structure and execute these deals.

We specialize in freestanding commercial real estate properties and portfolios across a broad range of consumer-facing industries. Our clients range from local independent single-unit owners to national multi-unit owners, and typical transaction sizes often fall within the scope of $5M – $100M.

Over time, we have established a strong network of relationships with leading private and institutional real estate investors. This allows us to offer our clients a pool of qualified buyers with the potential for premium pricing.




In addition to our M&A service offerings, MOK Advisors provides comprehensive business valuation services. The valuation of any business is influenced by numerous factors contributing to its uniqueness and complexity. It is in this complexity that our team thrives.

At our firm, we take immense pride in our capacity to assess a business’s present value, the methodologies used to determine it and its projected worth fairly and accurately. Additionally, we provide an audit trail with detailed written explanations that corroborate the assessed value, ensuring our clientele can rely on our complete transparency and clarity throughout the evaluation process.



Private Placement
and Capital Raise

For small and medium-sized businesses, the private capital markets are fragmented and inefficient, making it arduous for business owners to obtain suitable financing options. MOK Advisors effectively addresses these issues through its numerous contacts in venture capital, private equity and individual investor communities. In addition, we offer private placement and capital raise services to accelerate business growth by increasing working capital or pursuing acquisitions.

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